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   path_to_tree_file   path_to_tree_file
   tree_in_newick_format   tree_in_newick_format
 +  ​
 +==== TreeKO'​s configuration file ====
 +Several parameters can be modified for treeKO to adapt better to the users particular needs. In order to change the default parameters, treeKO will need a configuration file that should be included in the command line with the **-c** option. \\
 +  python -a tree_file_1 -b tree_file_2 -o output_file_name -c configuration_file
 +The configuration file can be used to change the rooting method, the orthology prediction method, printing information or to limit the number of pruned trees allowed during the use of TreeKO. Detailed information about the configuration file can be found [[configuration_file|here]].
 +  * [[start|Starting page]]
 +  * [[documentation|How to run treeKO]]
 +  * [[Algorithm|Algorithm]]
 +  * [[output | Output Files]]
 +  * [[configuration_file | Configuration File]]
 +  * [[downloads|Downloads]]
 +  * [[about | About]]
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