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-Welcome to TreeKo ​webpage!+=====TreeKo===== 
 +Comparisons between tree topologies provide important information for many evolutionary studies. TreeKo is a method that allows the **comparison of any two tree topologies**,​ even those with missing leaves and duplications. This is important in **genome-wide analysis** since many trees do not have exact leaf pairings and therefore most tree comparison methods are rendered useless. 
 +In order to calculate the distance between two trees that contain duplications,​ **treeKo first prunes the trees** so that you obtain a list of trees that only contain one-to-one orthologs. Each collection of pruned trees is then compared to the other and two distances are calculated depending on whether the presence of duplication and loss events are considered a difference or not. 
 +  * [[documentation|How to run treeKO]] 
 +  * [[Algorithm|Algorithm]] 
 +  * [[inputfiles|Input Files]] 
 +  * [[output | Output Files]] 
 +  * [[configuration_file | Configuration File]] 
 +  * [[downloads|Downloads]] 
 +  * [[about | About]] 
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